About Us

With a humble beginning in 2004 and an acquisition of its first hotel Quality Inn & Suites in Durham, NC, CHD has grown from a hotel owner and operator to a full service hospitality company with a portfolio of 450 rooms spread across locations.


With our roots and emphasis on turn-around acquisitions, CHD has also executed ground-up development projects to rebranding and repositioning of assets. We deliver the highest guest satisfaction and profitability through our innovative and proprietary operational strategies. CHD adapts its assets and people to meet the current market demands to harness the peak potential of its resources - whether it’s an event, business or leisure travel we have it covered.


Over the years – and in the face of multiple economic cycles and rapid industry evolution – CHD has remained agile and versatile, while demonstrating an ability to evolve and adapt to a changing landscape maintaining patience, tenacity, and integrity that have always characterized its values.


After more than ten years, the company continues to pursue strategic growth opportunities that extend its reach and portfolio. Aligned with its corporate values that create exciting opportunities for its partners and associates to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests. CHD works in close partnership with many of the industry’s leading brands.


Moving forward, as CHD grows and transforms, it continues to add key resources to augment its capabilities in all areas of hospitality – operations, acquisitions and development.

We are passionate about hospitality, our people, community and environment