Reimagining and Repositioning Acquisitions Services

CHD’s approach to acquisitions reflects one of the company’s greatest strengths: the ability to recognize the untapped potential of established properties, especially underperforming assets in strategic markets.


Our acquisitions are characterized by a combination of disciplined financial forecasting and rigorous due-diligence. We gain a deep understanding of each transaction from the bottom up.


How can the property be repositioned to better serve the needs of the community or market? How can we improve physical infrastructure, and reposition the asset or brand to attract more events, business and leisure travelers? How can untapped potential be translated into increased financial health? The ability to address these questions – and drive financial enhancements as a result – forms the core of CHD’s successful acquisition-related activities.


We have experience and expertise to reposition underperforming hospitality assets to unlock the underlying potential through extensive PIPs, which enables assets to effectively compete in their markets.


CHD has an internal dedicated group for undertaking renovations, capital planning, engineering and contract management, with our experience in branded hotels we quickly determine the new positioning of an asset to leverage the untapped potential.

Hotel Management

At CHD, our mission is to provide quality accommodations and hospitality experiences for our guests.

Our success is contributed to our focus on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction at a great value in all of our hotels.

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Greenfield Development

CHD has the capability and hands-on experience to provide new hotel development services within budget and optimal time schedule. Our time-tested approach ensures high value-creation while always pushing the boundaries of hospitality design.

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